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The Transformational Path

Claudia is living a true fairy tale life in the French Alps, but that wasn't always the case.Determined to unravel the truth behind the power of manifestation, she healed trauma, cut abusive relationships, unlearned negative patterns, faced her sexual assailant in court, quit a secure career in Canada, and sold her home and belongings to follow a dream to Paris, France. There, she met her soulmate by absolute chance, and developed some pretty phenomenal clairaudient mediumship gifts along the way.Part memoir, part spiritual handbook, follow along with her journey and learn the lessons needed that will help you manifest the abundant life that you deserve.The well isn't limited, so come take a drink from this book and watch your life transform - but just be ready to put in the work!

“The Transformational Path book is one in a million! The author takes you on a fun and descriptive journey of how she manifested her dream life in France and gives valuable insights into pursuing a healthy spiritual journey. Claudia is your modern Millennial spiritual guru, gifted in passing down transcendental healing and channeled wisdom from spirit guides. I felt goosebumps and had tears as I digested many of her lessons, particularly from her channeled downloads. I’m blessed this book found me. It’s truly a gift. Those who are seeking grace, will walk away enlightened, refreshed and filled with love after reading it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”